27 October 2010

Sorry for the delay...

We got our first winter storm of the season over the weekend, so I was out on I-70 until 0900 Tuesday. I'm proofing a long post for the second chapter, and it should be up late tonight.

Side note - After too much thought and some precious insight, I've decided to publish my first ebook. Although it will not be this story, (yet...), it will be along the same lines. The story is actually something that I wrote over 10 years ago, and I'm reworking the base to fit with "modern" times. With a little luck, and some tech intervention, I hope to have it out by Christmas. I'm planning a Kindle edition first, then... we'll see. 


  1. Thank you very much for the work you are doing; it is off to a great start!

    Take care and stay warm!

  2. I've avoided Kindles. I like the physical feel of turning pages and the engagement fostered by making marginal notations. But I will certainly buy your ebook, and am very appreciative that nova's blog led me to your writing!